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  • Console Methods Support: Implements most console methods such as .log(), .error(), .debug(), and .info().
  • Single Click Google Search: Search for error messages on Google with just one click.
  • Single Click Copy: Easily copy any console message with a single click.
  • Compatible Browsers: Works with Chrome, Edge, and Brave.
  • Multi-Type Data Support: Handles various data types such as strings, numbers, arrays, JSON, and tables.
  • Console Data Search: Search through console data efficiently.

Upcoming Features

  • AI-Powered Error Solutions: Receive AI-generated solutions and suggestions when errors occur.
  • Multiple Views for JSON and Table Data: Enhanced views for JSON and table data.
  • Support for Multiple Arguments in Console Methods: Enhanced functionality for handling multiple arguments in console methods.
  • Historical Console Data: Save and download historical console data for future reference.
  • CSS Viewer, Selector, and Editor: Tools to view, select, and edit CSS directly.
  • Color Picker: Integrated color picker tool.
  • Inspect Network Requests: Tools to inspect network requests.
  • SEO Audit: Automated auditing for SEO issues.
  • Compatible Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Opera.
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